Jumpling Time

Its that time again when the Guillemot chicks start taking that leap of faith of the edge of the cliff faces around the Farne Islands. They are known as “Jumping’s”, as they jump of the cliffs and its one the most amusing things to witness. While I think it’s funny and great to see, I … Read more


Leucistic Guillemot

Its been 5 years now since myself and Andy first spotted the Leucistic Guillemot at the Farnes and this year we have eventually found its hiding place. Its taken sometime and its still hard to find at times but what a feeling it is to be able to show our guests this beautiful seabird during … Read more


Eggs have been spotted

The Shags and Guillemots are now on eggs. It may only be a few but that’s it the breeding season has begun. I’m not sure how the Shag season will be as we have seen lots of dead Shags along the shoreline because of the “Beast from the East” and very unsettled weather after that, … Read more


Nature is Cruel

Mother nature is very cruel at times and we hardly get bad weather during the summer so when we get big tides combined with strong N.E. winds you just know its all going to go pear shaped. About 2 weeks ago all the Kittiwakes that were doing so well have gone and only the ones … Read more


New Life

The noise is unreal at the moment from all the seabirds and the noise level has increased as the chicks are calling at the top of their voices too. Its great to see new life at the Farnes and doing so well too but as I write this blog the seas are terrible and it … Read more


Luecistic Guillemot

On Wednesday the 15th June, Andy (my crewman) spotted a Luecistic Guillemot on the cliff at Brownsman Island. Andy got himself all excited that he could not get his words out but he was pointing to the area where the bird was and that’s I saw it. I my word, what a beauty. I have … Read more


Time to Jump

Well it’s that time of the year again as the Guillemot chicks are starting to jump. On Tuesday evening, during our sunset cruise we watched the chicks take that leap of faith of the cliff faces and into the water. I know I have said this before but for those who don’t know or those … Read more


The Puffins are back…..and lots more

It’s been a busy week in Seahouses this week with all shops, cafe’s, bar’s and restaurants getting ready for Easter, and they are not the only ones. We have had our boats have been inspected by the MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) for our out of water inspection a few weeks ago and then the in … Read more


A wee bit of Sunshine

Boy we needed a bit of sunshine and some calm seas and we got it this week with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday being beauties. We have had some westerly winds lately and if we are going to get any kind of wind, then this is the best direction for us, as we can still get out … Read more

Important Notice

Please note, there is a significant amount of disruption on Seahouses Harbour due to maintenance and repairs to the pier structure. Due to the disruption, please consider the following when planning your trip to Seahouses:

Please listen carefully to the instructions from our colleagues in the booking office for boarding times and trip announcements. All guests will be escorted by Serenity staff through the building work to board the boat.

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