A wee bit of Sunshine

Boy we needed a bit of sunshine and some calm seas and we got it this week with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday being beauties.

We have had some westerly winds lately and if we are going to get any kind of wind, then this is the best direction for us, as we can still get out to sea without any worries. I’m saying that, but twice last the westerly wind was that strong we never made it out of the harbour entrance, and to be honest I’m glad we didn’t as it would not have be a pleasure trip but a chore and that’s one thing we don’t want to happen.

Since we have had a little bit of nice weather, the seabird level has gone up a notch or two. We saw our first jumpling of the year and you can hear lots of chicks calling everywhere now. We also got a really good glimpse of the kittiwake chicks on the nest and at one point I managed to get a picture of the mother feeding her chick.
I must admit, Kittiwake chicks are cute, fluffy little things and they don’t half put a smile on your face when you first see them. You can also hear out guests saying ahhhh when they see them too.

We have also seen a good few Manx Shearwaters flying north through Staple Sound and some past the Longstone as well. I love to see them glide over the water missing the waves by inches. They just seem to make flying look so easy compared to other seabirds. We have also seen our first Great Skua’s flying north through Inner Sound this week and they were attacking Arctic Terns as they went by and with all the calm sea’s it hard not to miss anything that moves, unless you are me that is, as one of my guests on board spotted 3 harbour porpoise on our port side. Thanks Terry as I got some cracking pictures and nearly all my guests seen them too.

The waters around the islands have started to produce lots of Comb Jellyfish, Moon Jellyfish and Lions Mane. They are all stunning to see and the divers tell me that they are even better  to see underwater and over the last few days the vis has been out of this world. About 18 meters today.

The Comb jellys have a wonderful array of colours even though they look nothing special at the first glance but if you keep on watching them you can see some wonderful colours from green to pink and they seem to beat like the pulse of a heart.
The Lions Mane is all about the tentacles which sting like hell, but you just have to put up with it until the pain goes and then it’s ok again. There is few things you can do to ease the pain but to be honest they are a waste of time. Just grin and bear it, that’s what I say.

The Sunset Cruises are now in full swing and we have had some beautiful ones this week too and long may they last.

Anyway I think I have waffled on long enough now so I will let my pictures do the talking.



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