Mother nature is very cruel at times and we hardly get bad weather during the summer so when we get big tides combined with strong N.E. winds you just know its all going to go pear shaped.

About 2 weeks ago all the Kittiwakes that were doing so well have gone and only the ones further up the cliff faces have survived even though they look scruffy they should be fine.
The ones that built their nests close to the waters edge unfortunately did not survive which is such a crying shame. I know they take a risk doing this but usually we only one or two kittiwakes building there nests so close but this year there was loads of them doing it and in my heart of hearts I thought we were going to have a great summer as so many were doing it, but how wrong was I.

It breaks my heart really as we see then build there nests, mate and then we wait and then the first sight of an egg we are chuffed to bits for them. After that we wait and wait until we spot a chick and then we get to see it grow day by day until they leave the nest for pastures new.
Its great to see our seabirds in such a manner but when mother nature is so cruel it quickly takes the smile of your face.

I’m not sure about the puffins but with all this rain we have had I don’t suppose it will be good news for them either. Yes I know what goes around comes around but sometimes I wished we just had fine weather for the breeding season and a real summer and then a proper winter and at least we know where we stand. My boy is 5 now and never seen snow yet but then again I don’t think he has seen a summer either. Well that might be a bit OTT.

The Rangers on the Inner Farne did all they could with the Arctic Terns and put fish boxes on the beach with sand in them so that the terns nest were higher than the water but the weather was that bad when they woke up the next day all the boxes and chicks were gone.

We all love the islands and when we get home we talk about what we saw but sometimes we never give them a thought during a rain storm or gales and when they dive bomb and peck you on the head, we complain because it hurts but know one ever thinks that have had to protect their chicks during gale force winds through the night and the last thing they need is us going to close to their chicks.
We would do the same for our kids so when the rangers do their best to make sure they will be okay there is nothing they can do to save the chicks during weather like we have had.

Fingers crossed its a one off and everything will be okay at the end of the season.

We found this Kittiwake struggling in the water today and Andy and myself tried to save it. A friend was onboard and told us to keep it warm and get some food into it but unfortunately we tried but failed.

 This was the scene on the Inner Farne beach before the waves took the boxes away. When the rangers woke in the morning they saw the boxes float away. Its such a shame.

These 3 little fellas were healthy enough but just needed a good clean but I suppose they would get that when they eventually jump off the cliff.

Hopefully this post is the only bad one and all the rest are good from now. 
Once again thank you for reading our blog.