Time to Jump

Well it’s that time of the year again as the Guillemot chicks are starting to jump.
On Tuesday evening, during our sunset cruise we watched the chicks take that leap of faith of the cliff faces and into the water.

I know I have said this before but for those who don’t know or those who are new to this blog then this is what happens to the guillemot chicks.

Firstly they are called “Jumplings” and this is simply because they jump of the cliffs around the farne islands. Some from a great height and some as a little wiser than others.

When the jumplings are about two weeks old they are ready to leave the farne islands and head out into the big bad world called the “north sea”. They are encouraged by their mother to jump of the cliffs into the water were their father will be waiting from them. He will escort them out to sea where he will teach them how to feed and fend for themselves until they are about five years of age and then they will return to the farnes and look for a partner of their own.
After a year in the north sea growing big and strong, the jumpling starts life on his/her own as their father leaves them and returns to the farnes to prepare for the breeding season once again.

Its a tough old world being a seabird and you have to take your hat of to them for doing it.

You will be probably wondering how the jumpling does not hurt itself it they hit the rocks on their way down. Well they are light enough to bounce and their bones are not properly formed so it does not hurt them. Clever eh…..

Anyway here is a few pictures of those cute jumplings.


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