Bottlenose Dolphins

I have never blogged about the dolphins so far this year as we have seen them loads and I thought that everyone might get a bit bored of hearing about them.
While on the boat the other day someone asked me if we had seen the dolphins this year. When I replied yes, they said well why have you not blogged about them. When I explained why I was told not to be silly and get some pictures put up.

Since I have put in my place I have decided to obey this person in question and show you all some pictures of these wonderful creatures.

 On a much sadder note we spotted a Bottlenose Dolphin in a bad way on Saturday 4th. I got a call from my friend saying that he had spotted something but he was not sure what. He told me to keep my eyes peeled and let him know if I found anything. Sure enough we saw a lone Bottlenose Dolphin struggling for air and could hardly dive. We slowly put the boat beside her/him to see if there was any net or something that was that was obvious that we could help. Unfortunately there was nothing but lots of scratches which might suggest that she/he had been in a fight, which is not uncommon.
We decided to leave her/him alone as we did not want our guests to see it in a state. It was so hard to leave but what could I do? If she/he had net or rope around there tail then I would have sorted it but sometimes you just have to stay away and let nature sort itself out.

This is when I wished they could give you a sign to let you know what the matter is but this is not the case. I felt very sad leaving and helpless I could not do a thing to save her/him.   



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