Leucistic Guillemot

Its been 5 years now since myself and Andy first spotted the Leucistic Guillemot at the Farnes and this year we have eventually found its hiding place.
Its taken sometime and its still hard to find at times but what a feeling it is to be able to show our guests this beautiful seabird during the trips.
The other day while we were on one of our trips we spotted it on the water with all the other Guillemots and it was very obliging and let us get really close so we could see it in detail.

I just love this seabird and long may it entertain myself, my staff and all the people who join us.

We have also noticed a pair of Guillemots nesting on the cliff face this year which had really intrigued us, as one day its a Bridled Guillemot and the next day its a Common Guillemot. We would love to know which is the female and male but we will have to wait until closer to the end of the breeding season and hopefully we get a chance to see the jumpling take that leap of faith and see which parent is in the water.

Watch this space and hopefully we will be able to let you know but in the meantime here is some pictures of the Leucistic Guillemot.


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