Whit Week

Whit week is finally over and all the kids have back to school and it’s been a bit of mixed week once again. Some day’s it’s been beautiful and others not, but we have been able to get out everyday which is the main thing and we have some lovely guests on board the boat too.
Some people have seen what the islands have to offer and other have never been before, but it does not matter if you have been there and done it or never seen the wildlife before they are still blow away by the thousands of seabirds and it’s beauty. I still get the same buzz every year and it never becomes boring at all.

We have seen a good few Gannets passing through the islands, our first Guillemot chicks hatching, Puffins with sandeels, Kittiwakes on eggs and a pair of our resident Merganser’s  together on the Inner Farne. The Arcric Terns are really attacking everyone that now lands on the Inner Farne and a few of them have laid their eggs right in the middle of the walk way, so please be careful were you put your feet as you go around. Black-headed Gull chicks are arriving every day and loads of Shag chicks and all different sizes too. Boy it’s all happening now and long may it last.

The next few weeks is all go for the rangers as it will not be long before they start their counts, so it will be early mornings and late nights but it will all be worth it at the end of the season. In the mean time we will have our fingers crossed for settled weather, calm seas and hopefully some sunshine.

In the mean time here is a selection of pictures to wet your appetite….

Young Shag chicks and they are the ugly SHAGling really

Some bigger Shag chicks being feed

This one is defiantly greedy

Kittiwakes with eggs 

First Jumpling (Guillemot chick)

Arctic Tern with a lunch for it’s young one


Black-headed gull with chick

Black-headed gulls trying to steel the Puffins sandeels

and successfully doing so

I’ve got my eye on you.
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