Pufflings are a coming

While we were on a trip around the islands the other we spotted a Puffin with sandeels in it’s bill on the edge of the cliff face at Staple Island. I got myself all excited as I knew that if we saw a Puffin with sandeels then there had to be a Puffling or Pufflings down the burrows. Yes it’s a great name for a puffin chick don’t you think.
Anyway this is exciting news and this will put a smile on all the photographers who just love to get that perfect picture with sandeels on the Puffins bill. I was really pleased that I saw the Puffin but while we were steaming across to the Longstone Island I realized that even though its great to see, it will not be long before they are all gone and then we will have to wait another year to see them again. It’s not until then you realize how short the breeding season actually is and how important it is to the seabirds around the Farnes and other parts of the country that everything has to go to plan. No gales, No flash floods, No big seas etc etc…

The more I think about the life of a seabird around the Farnes the more I have to take my hat of to them. They have to put up with some dreadful weather just to bring a young chick into this world and then they are gone until the next year and they do the same thing again.
This is why we should all enjoy the wonderful Farne Islands for it’s beauty and wildlife and not throw plastic or any kind of rubbish into our seas but give a little respect to the seabird and they will produce young every year for everyone to enjoy, and that goes to all aspects of wildlife. Rubbish is not the only season but lots of other factors too, but if we can do our little bit to help then that would be great.
Sorry I have gone on a bit of a rant, but we all love wildlife, but to often we forget, so for now just lets enjoy them while they are here.
 A few pictures of the Puffins and a few Pufflings and some of them Black-headed Gulls trying to steel the sandeels from the Puffins.

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