Out with the old and in with the new

We have been waiting for a while to tell everyone about our news but now is the time is right.

We have sold Serenity III to a lovely couple in Northern Ireland and hopefully she will be as good to them as she was to us but the time had come for us to upgrade our vessel. Yes, that’s right we have taken the plunge and we have a new vessel on the way. We have been impressed with the boat builders work ever since we got Serenity II we made the decision to get another boat.

We know our timing is not the best with what’s happening to the world with this dreadful virus but is there ever the right time. Who knows, but she is on her way and we will just had to deal with what is thrown at us the best way we can. We know the challenges that lie ahead but we think it’s the right way forward but if was not for Serenity III we would not be able to this.

She has been a great servant to us and hopefully she will bring the new owners and their guests as much pleasure as she did for us. She will be working in a beautiful part of the world with as much wildlife as we have here at the Farne Islands.

Thank you for reading our post and the next story will be the new boat.


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