Harbour Update

Things are coming along really well with fixing the harbour pier, in fact they have finished now and its like we have a new harbour now. All the workmen have been really nice and very helpful over the summer of 2019 and a few of them have been fantastic with our girls in the booking office. They love a bit of banter, but the girls really know how to wynd them up too.

They have been here since Easter 2019 and really start to get to know them and in some ways we don’t want to see them go but on the other hand we don’t want to see them again. Not them personally of course, but the whole operation itself as it has caused a massive upheaval, but what can we do about it. Nothing, really as we need a harbour and if there was nothing done then we would not have one and we would not be in business today. Anyway we have new piers now and that’s all that matters and we still have a good few things to improve around the harbour which is a good thing too.

The workmen returned this week as they had a few jobs to finish off and tidy all of their work. One of the reason’s they have returned at this time of the year is because they could not work during the winter for some reason so from the 1st April they are back, but hopefully only for a few weeks until everything gets ticked off for the final time.

Looking at the pier now and how quiet it is we just hope it does not take to long before we see lots of people buzzing around instead of this emptiness we have now. Its such a pity with everything last season and now with CV19 , we might have a new pier but we need people on it now. Never mind it cant be helped but fingers crossed we will up and running soon.

Take Care everyone and see you soon hopefully.

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