Basking Shark

Wow, what a day Friday 20th was….

It was just a stunning morning, with flat calm seas, beautiful sunshine, and crystal clear skies. We were on the way out with divers when I received a phone call from Ron, our the skipper of Mara Mhor, telling me that he has just spotted a Basking Shark in front of his boat. Quick as a flash we turned around the boat and headed towards Ron’s boat, which was not that far away really, then all of a sudden their it was, gliding effortlessly alongside the boat in the beautiful blue waters of the Farne Islands. My heart was racing with excitement then it just went down. I thought it was gone but then all of a sudden it surfaced again and turned the other direction. We followed it for a little while then we just stopped the boat to watch this amazing creature. As we watched it for a good while it turned towards the boat and was nearly before diving down at the last minute.

I was so chuffed Ron spotted it but even more chuffed for my crewman Chris, as it was his first sighting and you could tell too, by the massive smile on the face.

When I got home that evening I looked at my records to see when was the last time i saw one and it was the 23rd September 2014. I can’t believe it was that long ago and only a few days apart too, but a great record all the same. That basking shark was a lot bigger with a dorsal fin that flopped over because of its size but it does not take it away from how amazing it was to see this one. If anything this one was far better as you could see it through the water as the visibility was a lot better and of course the weather was stunning.

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