Not Nice

I was really looking forward to seeing my first Puffin of the year but I did not expect to see it like this.

This is a little worrying as I only walked half way along the beach at Beadnell and I saw 21 Puffins, 3 Guillemots, 1 Razorbill, 1 Shag and 1 Gannet all dead.

We complain about the weather and how cold we get and sometimes forget about our wildlife as we have it easy compared to them.

All I had in my head was that these fella’s had come all this way to get ready for the breeding season and their life’s have been taken away from them because of this bloody weather. Life is not fair sometimes especially as it’s the year of the Puffin on the Farnes this year.

There has been reports of lots of dead Auks along the East Coast today and it’s not nice to see or hear about.

Fingers crossed we don’t find many more and this is just a small incident.

There was a few in one spot so I gathered them together to take the picture. I also checked everyone I found to see if they were ringed but none of them were.


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