Day 6 Danio (Big Seas)

It has been very quite on the updates about the Danio as the weather has just been so dreadful and the guys have not been able to get out to see her. A tug turned up which has just been built in 2012 and is called Sanmar Terninal VII. She can pull 80 tons and has a deadweight 120 tons, so hopefully she will do the trick.

Monday and Tuesday,  were the biggest Easterly seas I have seen for some years.  Luckily enough for the Danio the Longstone Island was breaking all the seas up before they got to her, so she survived some 4 to 5 meter seas.

Wednesday it seemed to drop a good bit but still not the best but one of the boats took out the MAIB and they were on the Danio from early morning until late night. I’m glad I’m not the Captain of the ship.

Thursday was alot better and some of the lobster boats were out fishing but it was not good enough for sight seeing.

Friday was just dreadful again. The wind picked up from the S.E this time and it got stronger and stronger as the day went on. The seas were from 3.5 to 4 meters with gusts of winds up to 70 mph.

The Salvage gang wanted to go out and see if they could get onboard and sort some ropes so is ready for towing. 

The lobster fishing boat the Standsure got ready to take the guys out. While she waited the winds picked up more and more, but it was now or never as high tide had just passed and they wanted the tide up to get the guys off.

All aboard they set off.

The wind was screaming, the sky was black, and the seas were huge. This is what separates the men from boys or are they just a bit crackers. Deadliest Catch has not got a look in with their big boats, here comes Johnathan and Glen…..

They took the guys out and brought them back safe and sound but I bet it was a long cold day for them. All because of a ship on our beautiful Farne Islands. At least they are trying to get this ship away as quick as possible but all we need now is some calm seas and good weather to help the guys.

Here are some pictures of them going out and coming back.

This is when they first left the harbour. You can see the Longstone Lighthouse in the top left corner but that is not rock you see below the Lighthouse it’s the Danio. 

Her first wave

Get up there. 

As Alex Ferguson would say…..twitchy bum time.

 Ah this is like a walk in the park.


The Danio and the Longstone in sight.

The return leg

I think there might have been a few choice words said at this moment. 

Playing hide and seek now.


The harbour entrance in sight.

Well Done Guys.

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