Day 11 Danio

As the seas drop a little bit the salvage guys prepare themselves to tow the Danio of the rocks.

They were hoping for Today but I think by the time they have everything in place it will be more like tomorrow. They have had so much bother with trying to get stuff out to the Danio and they are only doing it in daylight.

What should take half and hour to pass a rope across to the Danio or other items is taking over an hour, due to the big seas surging the boat up and down. They might go out at lunch time but not get back until 6pm because of the weather and you have seen the weather the guys have had to deal with in my last post.  If it was calm they could do 2 trips a day without any problems.

The guys are still waiting for a Multicat to arrive and one of the guys was on the road for 7 hours bringing gear here and stopped over for the night at a B and B and when he woke in the morning his trailer with all the gear was gone. These are the things these guys have been dealing with. We tend to forget that we are a small village in the countryside and when the guys ask for something we say Newcastle will be the closest place for that. They are used to items being on the doorstep not miles away.

The other thing is that they deal with ships hitting sandbanks and rocks all the time but they have never dealt with a ship hitting a wildlife reserve and to cause as many problems to people livelihoods, so the quicker they get rid of the Danio the better.

Even yesterday they had a rib delivered from Aberdeen.

Anyway fingers crossed for tomorrow and I hope everything goes ok and the Danio makes it to Blyth without any problems.

This is some of the rope that will pull the Danio of the rocks. They need 300 meters of rope and wire in total. The guys are making sure all the kinks are out of the rope then putting it onboard ready to pass across to the tug. 

Titan Salvage crew unloading their truck 

This is some of the heavy wire they will also be using. 

The rib being delivered from Aberdeen

Unloading a ready to go.



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