Love is………

Love is……

A female grey seal never leaving dead partners side…..

The look from a female grey seal broke my heart the other day, as she lay beside her man while he lay dead.
It might not have been her man and it might have just been coincidence that she was lying there but for me it felt like her man.
When she turned her head and looked across at the boat as if to say “bugger off and leave me alone” it was enough to put a tear into my eye. Ever since I lost my dog “Bud” my loyal northumberland collie, things like this make me really sad.
I did not really want to blog something like this but “Andy” my crewman said I had to as he felt the same when he lost his dog last year. Bloody dogs…

It is really sad to see and I know its nature and everything has to die eventually but it never gets any easier, but if there is one thing I can take from this is that the bull (man) dead from natural causes. Well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.



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  1. I think you are right , she would not snuggle a dead seal unless there was a sense of loss ,you are also right to be honest about your feelings of loss which are completely understandable no wonder you can empathise. No one should ever feel embarrassed about their feelings and though dying is a natural thing it still hurts if its someone close.


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