Serenity’s first engagment.

A young couple got engaged on the Inner Farne the other week and it was really lovely to see. After being together for 9 years Luke decided it was time to kick himself up the ass and propose.
Ruth really loves the Farnes so this was the perfect place to get on one knee.
Myself and Luke had been emailing each other for a while and every time we tried to go for it something went wrong, so we both said stuff it lets wait until the weather gets better.
Everything was good to go, and the weather behaved itself too. The sun shone on this couples special day and I have to say I’m really pleased I was a little bit involved in this occasion. Its the first time for Serenity to have such a celebration on board and I could not have asked for a nicer couple either.

Congratulations Luke and Ruth and all the best for the future from myself and everyone involved at Serenity. 


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