Easter Treats

Its been typical Easter weather over the last four days, but we have been able to get out and about which is the main thing.
The only thing we did not have this weekend is snow but its been freezing enough to feel like its going to snow.
The icing on the cake this weekend was the Bottlenose Dolphins.

It started on Good Friday with a pod of 9 feeding in Staple Sound, which is between the Outer group and the Inner group of the Farnes. They were in no hurry at and as they swam beside the boat with one eye looking up as they passed. This is the slowest I can seen them swim but it does have its advantages as it makes them really easy to photograph especially if you are someone that does not have a fast shutter speed on your camera.

Saturday we only had 4 and they were in no mood to hang around either.

Sunday I missed them but my brother got them just as he left the harbour and he followed them all the way to the Inner Farne.

Monday I managed to catch up with them but if it was not for my brother I think I would have missed them again. Once again he caught up with them just outside the harbour and followed them just past the Inner Farne but then left them when I arrived. I was on my landing trip but we managed to see them until we were level with Stag Rock and then we turned back to the Inner Farne where we were going to land our guests.

Over all it was a cracking weekend for Serenity and I hope we are entertained by these beautiful creatures the rest of the season.  

I also got a few little videos on my phone which always great to watch back afterwards. You can see some of these videos on our Facebook Twitter and Instagram pages.

Just a selection of some the dolphins we have seen over the last few days.

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