You Tube

 We have had a YouTube channel for a while now but have never really used it as much as we should have, so we will be uploading a few more videos this coming year.

Now you will have to bare with me as its the first time we have done this and we are very much on a learning curve and we know things will improve over time. We will also be behind time as we will not be able to post all the time so some of the footage will be a few weeks old.

We are getting our excuses out there early and for those people out there who are really good on computers please bare with us we are trying our best. Saying that we would love your input if we are doing something wrong or any tip or hints to were we can improve. You have to remember we did not have computers at school so everything we have learned is all self taught and we have learned the hard way. Today we use YouTube and Google for our help but during our videos your help will be invaluable, so please help us with your comments and please subscribe to our channel or give us a big thumbs up.

We will also try to answer any comments or questions you have but please bare with us as our jobs as skippers during the day is the most important thing to us. We still have to run a business and look after our guests on board the boats but we love blogging and we will still be doing this as its were we got hooked in the first place, but we to keep up with the kids we decided to do a few videos too.

Thank you for reading this blog and if you enjoy our videos on YouTube then please tell your friends, family, guests or whoever you fancy and get then to subscribe.

Thank you

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