Guillemots on Eggs

On Saturday we noticed Guillemots on eggs at Staple Island and Brownsman Island and as we looked around we noticed not just one or two but a lot.
So there we have it, the season is definitely underway and we only have to wait for the next 40 or so days and we will have our first chicks of the season.
Exciting times are ahead and everyone at Serenity is really looking forward to it.

We also have had some dreadful weather lately and we have hardly been at sea, so this is why I have never blogged for a while.
I also took a cheeky week away to the sunshine and I could not have timed it better as I only missed one day at sea.
It was great to get away, but a real shock to the system coming back from 30 degrees to 1/2 degrees.

Serves me right eh….. lol.

Over the last few days we have seen Guillemots on eggs, a Gannet sitting on the cliff edge with all the Guillemots and not a care in the world, Kittiwakes building their nests, 3 seals with tags but I have to say the tags are dreadful as the numbers just rub off which is really annoying. Some dirty Puffins and a good showing of Bottlenose Dolphins on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday there was about 60 and Sunday about 15. Great to see and once again our guests had big smiles on their faces.

Fingers crossed this weather starts to behave itself and we have a good summer but sometimes you can get some nice pictures when the weather is changing all the time.


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