St Cuthberts Chapel

On the 5th April was a momentous day for everyone associated with the Farne Islands as it was the day the chapel cross was put back in it’s rightful place. After a 16 year absence it was great to see the cross in it’s full glory as you walk up the newly laid boardwalk towards the chapel. 
St Cuthbert’s chapel is a Grade 1 listed building and steeped in history, so it was very important to get a new cross erected as soon a possible. A donation box was placed in the chapel and the money that was raised went towards a new cross. 
A new cross was sculpted by David Edwick who also installed it with Nick Lewis who is the house steward from Lindisfarne. The old cross stood there for 160 years until it was blown off in gale force winds in the winter of 2000, but today it’s back where it belongs. 
When I look up towards the chapel from the boat, I get the feeling that St Cuthbert would be very proud of this moment and so he should be as it’s great to see the cross back where it belongs and history is once again rewritten. 
I think a big thank you goes to everyone who put money toward this beautiful cross and thank you for being part of this little bit of history.

The rangers mending the boardwalk towards St Cuthberts Chapel. Note no cross.  

The cross back where it belongs.



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