Mixed Easter so far.

It’s been a mixed Easter so far, with all kinds of weather. Wind, Rain, Calm Sea’s, Rough Sea’s, Sunny and Overcast.
To be honest Easter was far to early and our seabirds are just not ready to settle just yet. In my last blog I said the the Puffins were back, but the second I said that, they disappeared again.
Since Good Friday there has not been any Puffins, Guillemots or Razorbills around the islands. It’s like they knew the weather was going to change, so they decided to leave and come back when the weather is better. This is not uncommon as its tends to happen every year but because easter is quick this year people seem to think that everything should be here, but sorry this is not the case.

Never mind, we were treated to a good show of Bottlenose Dolphins for two days on the trot which kept our very cold guests smiling.
We have seen a single Greylag Goose knocking around the islands for a few days now and there still is a few Purple Sandpipers hanging on too. The Sandwich Terns are starting to arrive too and numbers are building up daily.
We also saw a female seal a wee bit bloody. I don’t know what happened but there was lots a blood and it looks like her nostril is a little bit torn and maybe that’s why there is so much blood around. She does not seem to be bothered about it, as my mam would say “its a scratch, get on with it”.

Anyway, fingers crossed in the next few days everything will change and all our seabirds will be back and the islands will be buzzing again.

Here is a few pictures for you all.


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