Transformers 5

I know this is nothing to do with the Farnes but when you get some guests in town who are mega superstars then it would be rude not to blog about it.
They have been filming the new Transformers 5 at Bamburgh and Alnwick Castle which features Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci and the one and only Sir Anthony Hopkins.

We can’t forget the cars as they were a big hit with everyone. Bumble Bee and all the other cars were on show and it pulled in the crowds. I’m not sure if the locals enjoyed it as the traffic jams were from Seahouses to Bamburgh.

All the pictures of the cars are by my daughter “Charlie” so i can not take any credit at all. 

My sister in law, “Sally” and her family missed the cars but they were not bothered at all as Sir Anthony Hopkins stopped and had his pictures taken with (from right to left) Grace, Faith and Mae.

The film is called the “Last Knight” with the plot revolving around King Arthur which is why its being filmed at the Bamburgh and Alnwick Castles and it will be released in June 23rd 2017 so watch out for it.


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