Dolphins and Dunstanburgh Castle

We do Sunset Cruises every Tuesday and Thursday from May until mid Sept but so far this year it has not been the best.

What we tend to do is slowly cruise around the Farnes, seeing all the seabirds and seals and the light is perfect at this time of day for photography, but this year we have had about 5 really good sunsets and what we try to do is to see them going down behind Bamburgh Castle before we head back to the harbour.

It is really disappointing for me and my guests when the clouds roll in at the last minute and spoil what would have been a cracking sunset but sometimes it does pay off.

This Thursday was one of those evenings when it did pay off, as we were just about to head out for the cruise, when dolphins were spotted. All I could think was that i needed to get out there so we don’t miss them.
As we left the harbour I could not see them but then all of a sudden there they were. They were on a mission and I did not think we would catch them up so I asked my guests what they wanted to do. The response was “Lets go for the dolphins”

When a guests asks that, who am I to say no, so off we went. It was not long before we managed to catch up with them and what a display they put on.
At one stage they were at both sides of the boat and I’m positive they were enjoying it just as much as we were. By this time my smile was as big as a cheshire cat but I was not the only one and before I knew it we were at Dunstanburgh Castle. Boy where did that happen, oh well, there was no point in going home just yet so we stayed and watched the sun go down behind the castle.

What a perfect end to a perfect evening and thank you everyone who joined me. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did.



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