Tall Ship Returns

Over the last few weeks I have been helping a friend hauling crab and lobster pots. We have been starting at 2.30am and getting finished at 9.30am and then I rush home grab a quick shower, change and dash back down the harbour. It has made it a very long day but the one bonus has been the sunrise’s, the birds, a minke whale and the passing ships.

Early on Wednesday morning we saw a Tall Ship in full sail and it looked beautiful. It was not until we got closer that I realised it was the same Tall Ship that was here a few weeks ago. I found out that it had been in Blyth harbour for a weekend but it has also been at Eyemouth for running repairs.

The ship is a youth trust ship and at the moment there is a secondary school on board.

Here is some pictures of the ship and the kids hard at work.


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