Baby Puffin

Puffins are just a beautiful bird and they must be one of the most pictured bird ever. I don’t know what it is about the Puffin but they are lovely.

When they arrive at the islands we see them more on the water than on the land and as they start to settle they start to look for their burrows.

Puffins use the same burrow every year and the lay a single egg in the bottom of the burrow. Most birds mate on the land or rocks but the Puffins always mate on the water.

They are known as Sea Parrots and this is because of their colorful beak but they are also known to the locals as a Tommy Noddy and this is because of their head action when they walk.
During the winter period they lose their brightly coloured beak and it turns to a dull grey. Also during January and March they become flightless as they are casting their feathers but they are still able to swim down to catch food to enable them to survive.

When the chicks are born they stay down the burrow until they are big enough and strong enough to leave their burrow. When they do leave its always in the night as it enhances their chances of survival but on this occasion this little Puffin decided to break the rules and leave during the day.

As I watch it for a about 45 minutes while our guests were on the island I realised it has moved about half a mile away.

It was just lovely watching a young chick stretch its wings, wash itself and even dive, even if it was only for a few seconds and then it made me realise that it is a beautiful bird and you can’t blame people wanting to come and see the glory of this amazing bird.

Here is a few pictures of the Baby Puffin or Pufflings as some people call it, heading out into the open waters.


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