Serenity III and the MCA

Serenity III has been down at Amble boat yard for a little while but now she is back in Seahouses and raring to go for the season.

While she was at Amble the MCA did her out of water inspection. This is when the MCA come to the boat and inspect the hull for any damages, check the sea cocks, propellers and rudders. This is standard practice and its done every year. After that the boat goes into the water and then they come and inspect the rest of the boat.

They do all the safety checks. For example, they check the life-rafts have been tested, the flares are in date, the life jackets are in good working order etc. After that they check the engines, bilge pumps, hand pumps, fire hose etc and see if they are working fine. If not then you have to get them fixed before they will give you your license to operate for the season.

Its really standard stuff and it all makes common sense and to be honest if my boat was not in good working order I would not get on the boat myself, let alone putting guests on her.

After everything is looking good and our paper work is all up to date then they will grant you your license for the year, but half way through the season they will appear unexpected for a mid term inspection. This is to make sure you are doing everything correct and not pulling the wool over their eyes.

This happens every year to every boat that is coded with a P6 license.

Serenity II has had her out of water inspection but not her in water one just yet. This will happen in a few weeks time and then it will be all good to go for the season.

 Leaving Amble Harbour

 Amble Pier light

 Looking back up the river

 Passing Dunstanburgh Castle on the way home.

 Serenity III being inspected

 Putting the ropes up after inspecting the engines

 All Done

 Chilling with a cuppa

Once again guys thank you for reading and I do hope you enjoy the updates. If you ever have any questions the please let me know.


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