Mother’s Day Weekend

I think the weather this weekend was fitting to all those mothers out there. It was beautiful and calm.

Both days were outstanding but both different in what we saw. Thousands of Guillemots have arrived and look very settled too. The nations favorite, the Puffin has returned and looks as beautiful as ever.
The Shags look stunning and we even have a pair on an egg already.
Looks like this weather has pushed things on nicely but I don’t think it will last long but for the moment I’m really enjoying being back on the water.

On Saturday we had a very inquisitive harbour porpoise which came up to the boat for a look and was really showing off too. I have never witnessed this behavior before as they are usually really shy, but this little fella blew me away with his cockiness. I have also never seen a porpoise in this area either which was very surprising but sometimes the unexpected happens and you just have to embrace it.

On Mother’s Day we were treated to a pod of 50+ Bottlenose Dolphins past the harbour. I cut short our trip to go and see them and boy was it worth it. They were all in fine form and wanted to show off. Some were jumping out of the water, some were just cruising along, others were playing with the bow of the boat and others were spinning around and around.

I never got any decent pictures as I was playing with my camera to see how it took video’s which sort of worked well. Mind that might be the man behind the lense.
We were also blessed with beautiful weather once again so it made the trips even better. I also did my first live link on facebook which was a bit weird but also fun. Have a look if you fancy it. FACEBOOK 

Over all it was a fun filled weekend and if it was going to be like this for the rest of the summer then I will be a very happy lad.

Once again thank you for reading 



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