Sad News

I bring you sad news about the two seals that were born on Friday 18th 2015.

We looked everywhere today to see if we could find the new born seal pups but after half an hour we gave up. I made quick phone call the National Trust Rangers and found out that they had no luck either.

Nature is such a cruel thing at time and we have come to the conclusion that the tide has come in and washed the pups out to sea.

It breaks my heart as they looked okay and they seemed to be playing with each other at one stage. I know they were early and I know this happens lot with the first ones born for the season but it does not make it any easier to take.

Boy does this place give you some highs and lows at times but you have to except it and hopefully the rest of the season brings better news for all the seals.

A few pictures of the cute little things on this very sad day.


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