New Born Guillemot Chicks are here

During our Sunset Cruise on Thursday evening we spotted a few Guillemot chicks under the wings of their parents. At first we were not sure but after watching for a little bit she or he moved just enough for us to get a glimpse of the tiny chick underneath her wing.
For me this is a wow moment as I get to see them arriving, mating, sitting on the eggs and then its hatched and new life starts in front of my eyes.

We have also spotted a Bridled Guillemot and a Common Guillemot sitting on a egg this season too. This is the first time we have seen this and we are really looking forward to seeing which is the mam and which is the dad. Its not going to make any difference at all but for us its just curiosity to see which is mam and dad as its not often this happens.


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