Icterine Warbler

On Wednesday we had thick fog in the morning but by 10.30am it had burned off. With calm seas and lovely weather I was itching to get out to the Islands. At the end of a perfect day I was told by the Rangers that there was a Icterine Warbler on the Inner Farne so I asked if I could come back and see it. With the green light I went back out at 5.30pm to see if I could get a chance to see this cracking little bird.

After being attacked by the Artic Terns on the way up the bank side I got a shout to say that they had seen it feeding on a bush beside the Info Centre. I grabbed my bins and then I saw it, my first Icterine Warbler. Boy oh boy was I a happy lad.

Not being satisfied with just a look I sat on the ground with the camera ready to snap at the first chance I got. With it being very sunny and a lovely evening the bird was hopping around the bush feeding on flies and insects. Every now and then it would come into view but then hide again. As I waited it did eventually show, and I got the picture I wanted.

Sorry its a bit far away but I was not as lucky as the Farne Island Rangers.



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