While places in the country were enjoying the sunshine we were freezing our little behinds off out at sea. It was very quiet and hardly a soul around and who can blame them, as it felt like winter, not summer. Myself, Andy and John braved the weather to ensure our guests enjoyed themselves as much as possible. After showing them the seabirds and the seals we headed across towards the Inner Farne were we concluded our trip. As we thanked our guests for joining us we started tp head home, and as just as we steamed towards the beach, Andy shouted at me to say that he saw a very white looking gull on the water.

As we turned back you could see it drifting on the water as it stood out like a sore thumb. As we got closer and closer it did not move until we were nearly on top of it and what a great looking bird too. It did fly off but only moved a little bit further away so we could get another look. All our guests were impressed by it, Andy was chuffed for spotting it, John was chuffed as he had never seen one before and I was chuffed as I got some lovely pictures.

So overall after a cold and miserable day it was brightened up but this lovely bird and I got even more pleasure by wynding up Jimmy and Chris as they wished they had seen it.

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