I know I’ve already done a blog about the Leucistic Guillemot returning and it’s incredible how well it’s doing but, while I was doing my trip the other day I got a very unexpected phone call from Jimmy and Chris telling some amazing news about the Leucistic Guillemot.

Now I can’t write down the exact words that Jimmy used as it had a good few bleeps in it, but to cut a long story short he told us that it stood up and they saw an egg underneath. I could not believe what I was hearing but I was so excited and then I had all these things buzzing around my head. Which is not much really as there is not a lot up there, but the first thing that came into my head, was will it be a Leucistic or will it be normal Guillemot. I think it will be normal, but you never know so you will have to keep an eye on this blog to find out more.

Watch this space and we bring you some updates and it would be amazing to see it grow up and do that famous jump off the cliff faces in a few weeks time.

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