Great Northern Diver

I went down the harbour at 6am this morning, as I had to move the boat out into the bay as the tides are really big at the moment and it was low water at 9.20am. If I did not go out into the bay I would not be able to pick my customers up until 12pm, and as they were booked on for 10.30am I had to get out.

As I stepped onto the boat I slipped over straight onto my arse. This was the first morning that the deck was frozen and with the clear skies it looked like it was going to be a cold day.

After I left the harbour and steamed out to the Inner Farne to anchor up in the Kettle. On the way out I stopped to take a picture of The Inner Farne as the sky was beautiful.

After I had anchored up the boat, I turned of the engines, made a cup of coffee and picked up my book as was going to be a long morning. As was indulged in my book I got such a fright when my mobile rang. It was Graham, a warden on the Inner Farne telling me that there was a Great Northern Diver just outside of the kettle. 

He had not even finished his conversation and I already had the engines started. I let go of the anchor and headed for the area where it was last seen.

Bingo, got it, and what a show off it was to. It seemed to be a real poser for the camera. As I was taking pictures it was diving down looking for food it popped up with a crab in its bill. I was gob smacked as I understood they only eat fish. Bang goes that one eh.

During the day we saw 2 Little Auks, 2 Merlin’s, 1 Peregrine, 1 Red-throated Diver, 3 Rock Pipits, 12 Teal and lots of seals. A great day even though it was freezing cold.


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