Branded Seal.

I was out on a trip with some customers on the 4th October, and when I arrived at the Longstone Island to see the seals, I noticed a seal climbing out onto the rocks, on it’s back it looked like it had been in a fight as it was all cut. As I looked through my bins, I could see that it had not been in a fight but it had been Branded.

I have never heard of seals being branded before, well not in my generation anyway.

I got a few pictures and sent it to Sea Mammal Research Unit at Scotland’s University of St Andrews, as they have been studying the animals on The Farnes for over 25 years.

When they got back to me I was shocked as they did brand seals in my generation.

I found out that the seal is a she and was branded as a post-weaned pup on the Isle of May in November 1992. They don’t use this method of marking the seals anymore but they were really pleased to see her alive and well at the ripe old age of 19.

They were very helpful and delighted with the seal pictures. Any help they can get would be gratefully received as these guys do a great job.


Some pictures I have taken of the tagged seals. Below seal tag number 72544
The seal tag below was the wrong way around and I could not see the number but the guys can still identify the seal from the markings, so hopefully I will find more info about her.

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