Over the last few weeks we have been seeing a few Artic Skua’s passing through the Islands and a few have been stopping of for a rest but unfortunately to far away for some close up pictures.

For some reason I really like these birds. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t really get a chance to get a good photograph of them or if it’s because they a very aggressive bird with a bully like attitude but I’m always chuffed to get a chance to see them never mind get a few pictures.

I have managed to get a few pictures but again they are not very good and a bit to far away.

I do like the school boy bully about them but when I see it I think you little S**T stealing that poor birds food and after all the hard work he has done to get it, but on the other hand you have to admire the Skua for using its brains.

I have a few pictures of an Artic Skua attacking a Tern for its fish, but even though they are bully’s it does always pay, as the Artic Skua dropped the fish and the fish swam away.