After a lot of shots trying to get a Jumpling (Guillemot Chick) doing the famous leap of faith, I was so pleased to finally get a few pictures.

If you ever want to see this or even try to picture the moment then our Sunset Cruise is the best time to see this and June is the best month for it.

The Jumpling of with it’s Dad out into the North Sea where it will learn to feed and fend for itself. 

They have been gone for over a 3 weeks now but over the last week or so we have been seeing a few on the way out to the Islands and they have all change into their winter plumage. We have also been seeing Razorbills and I think we still have 1 Puffin and it’s chick left on the Brownsman Island, as seen it the other day with sandeels in it’s bill and as we watched it fly away we saw it land and go down the burrow. If it still has a chick then it’s the last one and it’s very late indeed.