On the way out towards the Islands the other day, (When it was sunny) I noticed a group of gulls gathering above the water and thought they must have seen some food to eat but they never dived into the water to get it, and then I saw a seal pop to the surface with a big fish in her mouth. The gulls were there just for the scraps but this seal was giving them none. As I watched the seal it became clear that the seal was ripping the skin carefully of the fish and just eating the meat only. I don’t know the real name of the fish but we call it a lump sucker and the skin is like rubber so I don’t blame the seal for not wanting to eat it.

Anyway here are some pictures.

The seal looked as though she was enjoying it and the gulls never got one little bit. Also have a look at the size of the claws.


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  1. Great photos Andrew, I got some images a while back in the harbour here at Blyth of a seal eating an octopus. Its great to watch them feeding like this.

    Just for reference lump sucker is the actual name of these fish its not just a local name for them.


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