White Beaked Dolphins

On Tuesday we had just picked up from the Inner Farne and as we got around the corner to head home some other boats were going north. I realized that they must have had the Bottlenose Dolphins again but when I arrived I was gob smacked to see that they were 4 White Beaked Dolphins.

They are really really fast and they seemed to just glide past the boat with ease. Two went one direction and two another.

We stayed a bit away from them as we seemed to have a better view but when they did come close to the boat they showed really well.

They were not in the mood to hang around and before you know it they were on the way north towards Holy Island.

I did manage to get a few pictures but they were not very good sorry.

I have since found out that it is only the 12th record for them since 2004 and the 4th sighting since 2009.

No wonder I was buzzing afterwards.

This is becoming a record breaking year for marine mammals and long may it continue.


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