What we do in the winter.

Well we all know the weather we have been having over the last week or so and it’s causing havoc with my painting. If you think I just sit around during the winter drinking coffee and playing with the kids then think again, (well I do a bit) as we have to do all the maintenance on the boats aswell as paint them every year.
I suppose it’s like all things in life, sometimes you enjoy it and others you hate it. Well at the moment I’m not enjoying it and the weather it’s driving me nuts.
 It’s so cold that when I’m trying to put the paint on it’s like tar. Yes, I know what your thinking, do some painting inside, well that’s all done, and all the accommodation is done at the Bed & Breakfast too. I’m well ahead of myself this year and I know I’m complaining about the weather but I would rather have it this way than rushing around at the last minute putting paint on the boat as it’s going back into the water.

I’ve done a bit of birding this year but not much around the doors, so when a friend text the other day to see if I wanted to join him taking pictures I jumped at the chance. I wrapped up well and joined him down the harbour. Boy oh boy its was bloody freezing, but I need to learn and the only way I can do that is get out there and ask lots of questions.

After 10 minutes my friends ears had warmed up after my none stop waffeling, so of I went to try and take a picture. At first it was not bad but then we had a 2 second hail storm and the side of my face was stinging, but I smiled and got on with it. After about an hour I had enough. My excuse was that the light was going but all I wanted to do was jump into a nice hot bath.

To be honest the pictures were a load of rubbish as the wind was a little to strong to hold the camera still or was that me shaking like hell. Who knows and who cares but I was not going to be defeated, I will try again another day.

I did try two days later and with better results.

Firstly a few pictures of all our hard work painting boats.

Peter with the roller after I had cut in. 

 All the life-rings are painted and the sign writing all done.

 The hull half painted and this was about the best day we have had.

 All the life-rings hanging up drying.

 Mara Mhor..(Big Seas) Now this is the way forward. Just the anti fouling on her bottom to do and that’s it.

Big seas just outside the harbour.

The Gun Powder Hut covered in foam created from the seas.

Waves crashing over the Breakwater.

More big waves just outside the harbour entrance.

More big seas.

Big Big seas crashing into the Inner Farne and the rest of the Islands.

Then the snow came. It’s not very often you see snow at the harbour.

Over looking the harbour.

The harbour entrance.

The snow only lasted one day at Seahouses and it was gone the next.

Yes it’s me…Trying to take some pictures, when I should be out sailing around the Islands. Oh well better now than in the middle of the season. 




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