WHALE OF A TIME (Part 3) Grey Phalarope

Continued from Part 2

Look it’s a Grey Phalarope. I looked but I could not see the bird for the water. Then all of a sudden I spotted it and it was resting on the water with the Kittiwakes. Grabbing the camera I was just about to take a shot, when up it went and flew away. I was not going to go home and not get a picture, so we started hunting for it again. Sure enough there it was. With the boats steering wheel in one hand and my camera in the other, I slowly manoeuvred the boat closer to the bird. As we got closer I headed out onto the deck. Once on the deck I opened the wheelhouse window, reached in and grabbed the controls and clicked the boat into gear. Taking my time not to scare the bird I moved close enough to get a picture. Bingo I got it.

This is just a lovely little bird and I know this was to a Whale Watching Trip, and it was, but this little beauty stole the show for me.

Enjoy everyone and I do hope you like the pictures from our Whale Watching Trip which was a great success and we will be doing one or two again next year.


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