Velvet Day

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I was heading out to the Farnes in the afternoon.  I was down the harbour early to put some paint on the boats before I went out, but the boat was frozen. I asked Peter to boil the kettle so we could melt the ice and dry the boat before we started painting. The things you have to do to get on.

After some painting I got the boat ready to go out. I picked the guests up and off we went. Once we arrived were saw about about 1000 Guillemots on the water beside The Inner Farne and their were more coming in from the North Sea, so lets see what the next day brings.

We had 2 Long-tailed Ducks and a single Goldeneye beside Knocks Reef a few Teal and a Pergrine Falcon.

We steamed towards Staple Island to see the seals and their were loads.

After the first trip I was going back out with some friends. They like their photography and the birds so we decided (Well I did) just to go to the Inner Farne and then head up to Stag Rock and Ross Sands.

Oh boy was I pleased they agreed to it as it was just stunning and the birds were just great.

We had lots of Waders along the shoreline at Ross Sands, 2 Red-throated Divers, 12 Long-tailed Ducks, 50+ Razorbills, 50+ Common Scoters and 1 Velvet Scoter.

Why oh why could we not have had this weather on Saturday when we did our 4 hour Winter Wildlife Trip. Never mind I was enjoying this weather and enjoying the trip.

Here are some pictures from yesterday and thank you to David for his picture of the Velvet Scoter as mine was a bit to far away and thank you to everyone else who joined me today.


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