The last 4/5 weeks

Just a little blog of what I have been seeing over the last 4/5 weeks.

The season has now come to the end and I have taken 1 of our boats out for its annual paint but I’m leaving 2 boats in the water for trips out and about over the winter.

We have had a really good run lately and I don’t really want it to stop but I know all good things have to come an end at sometimes.

The weather has eventually broke this week but we can get some good days and then some days its bad so I can’t complain. It gives me a little break and catch up at home.

Some of the pictures were taken in the last week of September up until now and you would think these pictures were taken during the summer judging by the light.

Late September I was at Holy Island to pick some guests up who had been on the Island all day and they wanted a lift back to Seahouses where they would catch their coach back to Newcastle.

Around Holy Island was lovely and the birds were starting to arrive or just enjoying the sunshine and some good sightings on the way home too.


Oystercatchers, Waders, Guillemots, Puffins and a few Harbour Porpoise thrown in on the way back.

Around the Islands we have seen bits and pieces but I wished I could be on the islands when the good birds start to land but I can live in hope eh.

We still get to see some nice stuff so I can’t complain at all.

We have had some cracking sunrises and some of the divers have been having some great fun playing with the seals.

Check out this Video called Dancing on the SEAL….ing

The Purple Sandpipers were just beautiful in the sunlight too.

Some nice Robins, Skua’s, Kestrel’s, Thrushes and Redwings dropping in and don’t forget its nearly the height of the seal pup season now.

The best of all was the Bottlenose Dolphins again. They have been the stars of the show so far this year and the other week we had 60/70 around the boat which was amazing to see.

Hopefully I will a lot more to blog about over the next few weeks too.

Oh if you do like the rubbish I write about and some of the pictures I have entered into the UK Blog Awards, so if you have got the time could you please vote for me. Cheers

Until my next blog see you later guys.


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