Tern Pecked

The Inner Farne is just a fantastic Island with lots of different types of birds. I know everyone want to see the Puffins but the Artic Terns are just amazing. Yes I know they dive bomb you and it bloody hurts as I have found out many times myself but there is just something about them I like. It might be the distance they travel, or the way they fly around but I just can’t put my finger on it. Its not until they arrive back to the Islands that I think the season is about to begin.
I was on the Island the other day taking a few pictures of the Icterine Warbler when I decided to just sit and watch the Terns. After a while they are not bothered about you, and they just seem to get on with their own life’s but they still have an eye on you just incase you step out of order, then BANG! the blood starts to drip down your face and you know you have been Tern Pecked. There is nothing you can do about it and at the end of the day we are on their patch, so we don’t have a right to complain. If I was a Tern I would do the same thing, because there would be no way I would travel that distance and not fight for my chick to survive.

I have waffled on now so here are some pictures.


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