Sunset and Skuas

During our sunset cruise on Wednesday 8th August, we stumbled upon a beautiful Great Skua (Bonxie) as we were heading to the Longstone Lighthouse. In fact it was our newest crew member to the Serenity Team, Chris who spotted it and causally asked me what was that bird eating. As I glanced over I saw … Read more


Bonxie (Great Skua)

On Thursday the weather was beautiful and as we were at the Longstone looking at the seals a Great Skua stopped to pinch some food from a Herring Gull. After its first bill full it decided it wanted a bit more but other gulls were not having any of it. The Great Skua has a … Read more



A single Bonxie flew past the bow of the boat this morning as we were going towards Longstone Island to see the seals and all the waders. This is the first time this bird have been close enough for me to get a picture. We have had a good few passing over the last few weeks but it was … Read more