Yesterday (21/05/2016) we witnessed a Great Skua trying to kill a Herring Gull.

Yes, I know you might not think this is a great blog but for me this had to be blogged, just to show you the other side of nature.
It’s not everyday you get to see a great skua close up but to witness one killing a herring gull, right in front of my eyes was something different. I have seen them before at the farne islands but not as close up as this one, and I have also seen them bully seabirds for their food which is what they are all about but to see one killing a gull for food is something that I have never witnessed before and a day I will never forget.

I have always been a lover of these birds and I think its their style and aggressiveness that I admire the most.
I know they see other birds with food and they pinch it and I know the other birds have worked hard to catch their food, and for someone to come along and pinch it but you have to take your hat off to them.
They don’t just pick on small birds either as I have heard stories from other birders that they have seen  skua’s  take down a gannet to get their food. Now you have to have some balls to do that as they are a big seabird but I suppose it’s survival of the fittest and these birds just don’t give up, so to see one the other day killing a herring gull it just goes to show you that will not stop at anything to survive.

I think the pictures will tell you the story better than I can and the fear in the gulls eyes tells you another story.

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