Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Over the weekend I have been going down the harbour at 5 in the morning to move the boat due to the big tides.
I have had divers out in the morning so by the time we get loaded and get out to sea I have to be away before the tide is to low.

Yes I could have gone home for a few hours but I had to load the boat with their air tanks and then make sure I had enough hot water for the day. My cousin did the same thing but he had to go home to cook breakfast for his divers and then come back again. This was another reason I did not go home as he brought me a cracking bacon and egg sarnie.

While he was away and I got myself sorted the sun was coming up and I managed to get a good few pictures. I was trying to be a little bit arty but I’m not sure if it really worked. I kinda liked them but my cousin was not sure. Judge for yourself..

There was not a ripple in the water when we got out of the harbour until the tide changed a few hours later and even then it was still good.

This was the view from my office and window on Sunday morning

After a great day on the water I decided to give the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse a go and stay up to see it, but by 12pm I was shattered and decided that I would sleep on the couch, set my alarm and get up in a few hours. Of course I slept in but at least I managed to catch the end of it. By the time I was done it was 3.30am and I had to be up in 3 hours but it was well worth it even though I was a tad bit tired today.

Anyway the pictures are not very good as it was my first attempt and I did muck up a bit because I could not keep my camera steady due to the size of the lense but after a bit of googling I found out where I went wrong and it was a school boy error. Never mind you life and learn and with a bit more practice, hopefully I will crack it.

I know they are rubbish but I did enjoy witnessing it.


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