Sunset Cruise

On Thursday night we did our first Sunset Cruise and we could not have picked a better night for it. At 7pm we picked up our passengers and headed out to the Farne Islands. On our way out we saw over 60 Manx Shearwaters flying north. What a way to start the night.

Now the islands are a special place to start with but an evening cruise is just so peaceful, as all you can hear are the birds.

Taking our time and making the best of the night we slowly cruised around the islands enjoying the evening sun, watching all the birds coming and going with sand eels in their bills and hungry chicks enjoying their supper.

The customers seemed to be really enjoying themselves and I was to.  Now I know its supposed to be an 1.5 hour tour but hey with weather like this and customers who are really nice and enjoying themselves who wants to go home. So it took a bit longer. Well 2 and bit hours.

We could not go home without seeing the seals anyway, and after hunting high and low for them we noticed them at the Megstone. Now the Megstone is most Northerly of the islands and we don’t go there very often so of we steamed. As we arrived their was loads and I got a nice picture of Bamburgh Castle in the background to.

Thanks to everyone who joined Keith and myself, we really enjoyed it and I hope you did to.

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