Summer’s Day

I was out with divers today, but this gave me a chance to bird watch all day. We were at the Knivestone this morning and as the divers were in the water I watched 96+ Guillemots fly east in an hour. I also saw 2 Arctic Skua’s also flying east.

The weather was just amazing today. The sea was like glass, the sun out to play and it felt like a summers day, but then I remembered it was October. At one point there was no wind at all and you could have lite a candle and it would have never gone out.

After the divers were back on board we decided to head up to Holy Island to dive a wreck near Ross Sands. On the way across we past Gannets and many more Guillemots. (Thought to myself, write down all the Guillemots I see, as there were a lot more).

Once we had arrived at Ross Sands we spotted 2 Red-throated Divers, 1Great Northern Diver and 1 Arctic Skua, all going south along the beach.

Once the divers were in the water, I switched of the engines and it was so calm and silent the only thing we could hear was the little wave crashing along the shore.
It times like this that I realize that I live in a wonderful place with wonderful scenery and I’m so lucky to do the job I do.

On the way home, as we passed Bamburgh Castle, I spotted 7 Common Scoters and a Sandwich Tern.

A lovely end to the perfect day.



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