Summer Aurora 16/08/2015

A very unexpected summer aurora happened the other night and I had promised myself an early night but was never going to happen when I was receiving text alerts. Here is a link if you want it 
I first went to the harbour to do some test shots and the second I started I knew that I had forgot something. It took a while for the penny to drop and I realised I  had left the main thing at home, my tripod. What a prat and I was scared to go home to get it just in case it was all over by the time I got back. I decided to balance my camera on the pier wall and take a chance. At first I thought it would be ok but after a while I had to take a chance and go home as it was not really working.

I jumped into my van and drove very very slowly up the main street, ran into the house, grabbed my tripod and ran back to the van. Once I was in the van I decided to head to the beach as the tide was just about to come back in and I thought of the reflections on the wet sand would be nice.
Once again I drove very slowly along the road, not breaking any speed limits as it had not been long since I did my speed awareness course and I did not want to go to one of those again. I’m not saying its a waste of time or anything like that I just did not want to take another day of work to do it.

I parked safely on the road side and sprinted down the beach, arriving safe and sound to see that the aurora was still in full swing.

After a few pictures there I went a little further along the beach to a different area to try something different. I’m not sure it worked but I kinda liked it.
After that it was back into the van and off to Stag Rock Lighthouse remembering everything they taught me in the class room. Once arriving I realised I was not along as two other photographers had the same idea. After a few pictures I decided to have a look around for something different before heading home at 3am.

I was totally goosed by this time and I had to be up in 4 hours time to move the boat. Not a nice thought but it was well worth it.

Enjoy everyone and I’m sorry but I did tweet to say it was happening and if you were in Seahouses area and did not see it then I’m sorry but I did tell you.

 From the harbour towards the Farne Islands

The north beach


I wanted to knock on this campervan to tell them the aurora was happening but I knew that would not go down well at 2am

Through the key hole

Bamburgh golf club

Grace Darlings grave


That’s it and I hope you like them.  Lets hope this winter will be a good one and remember always look north on a clear night as you never know what you might see.

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