Strong Winds

Well it’s blowing a hooly up here today. I chickened out today and decided today would a good day for jobs at home. Yeah I know I’m a wimp, as Shirley Reed @maniccollie put to me on Twitter.
I must be getting wiser or older more like it.

As the Lads and Lady (Becky) including Will battle it out on the Islands, I’m sitting on my couch at home enjoying the comforts of Sky T.V. while they huddle together until the storm is over.

In some weird way I wish I was out there seeing the wonders of what the storms can do. The birds and seals must be thinking what the hell is going on, and it also shows you how hard the rock is at the Farnes, as it never seems to bat an eye lid, at the waves that hit them.

All the pictures were taken about 2pm today.

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